Niche How to Become An Expert When Going Into a New Niche

In order to be seen as an expert, you must have real niche knowledge and build on this knowledge continuously.Don’t worry, it is not difficult. People just do not think it can be done. As a result of believing this lie, not many people are seen as experts. Let’s say that a beginner has one piece of information and a guru in your market has 100 bits of information.Your ultimate goal is not to get to 100, but to get to 101. When you get to 101, your goal is to get to 102. Then 120, then 200. This way, you will put yourself in a position where no one else can knock you off. No matter where you are at, whether you are a 0 or a 20, 80 or 99, and you want to surpass the level of knowledge of the recognized guru and present it in a VERY simple fashion.

IMPORTANTTry as hard as you can to make your information simple. This will help you create more information/products at a faster rate.To get the basic knowledge-base in any niche, watching any videos from a reputable channel on YouTube will help you get there fast. Many times, people are just too busy to look for the information about a subject and so they pay someone to teach it to them. It is not much different than getting fast food when you don’t feel like cooking. That may seem overly simplistic, but it is not any more complicated than that.This is the reason why people buy when they could get it for free by watching numerous YouTube videos. They want it HANDED TO THEM and you are the one who can do it. Often, they just don’t have the time. Again… much like fast food. When you do this, you are STILL providing value because you are giving them what THEY want.

When you have a basic knowledge-base and begin to create products, the process will go like this: (1) Prospective customer reads a sales page or gets emails. (2) They get convinced that this person knows what they are talking about. (3) They buy the product.Remember, our goal is to help people as much as possible in exchange for money. This is basic commerce. If you do not help people, you will run into a lot of refunds and people will get upset.Remember, help people get to where they want to be.

Niche Is Your Marketing Message Noisy? How To Get Rid Of The Static

Are you projecting a noisy marketing message?Chances are, at least some of your marketing message represents static. That is, it interferes with your message’s clarity.The purpose of marketing is to let people know the value that you offer. When you make that value very specific, you reach right into the hearts and souls of your ideal audience.They light up. They jump up and respond, that’s for me! They take action and reach out to hire you.To get that kind of response, you can’t afford a noisy message.It’s so tempting to want to share the full breadth of what you offer. I get it. You’re multi-faceted! You certainly can do more than just one thing.When it comes to marketing, though, it’s that one thing that will save you from obscurity.It’s a noisy world out there. Many people are marketing what they do. You have to find a way to stand out from the noise. The way to do that is to be known for one thing.After starting my first business, I very quickly made 6 figures, more than my previous corporate salary. One of the reasons that my business did so well so quickly is that I had clarity in my marketing message. I was known for one thing, a narrow niche.

This niche approach can feel limiting. So choose wisely. Choose what you want to known for.Choose something where you can offer great value. For this niche to work for you, you have to be able to come through and do a great job. Quality is a baseline requirement for business success, so make sure you can deliver on your marketing message.A narrow niche is the way to success. It doesn’t mean that people will never hire you for anything else. In fact, I started to get offers for all kinds of different work because people had had a great experience with me doing what I did best.So your narrow niche doesn’t mean you’re limited. It does mean that it will very specifically draw people who want what you are choosing to be known for.Face it. People will put you into a niche, whether you want them to or not. This can feel so unfair!In a way, it is. But it’s also human nature. Especially in our noisy world, we have to categorize people and businesses and put them into a niche, just to be able to process all the information coming our way.The niche that will draw a prospect’s attention is the one with the answer to their problem. There are many businesses out there. Your prospects will be focused on their problem. They will notice someone who presents a clear marketing message that offers them a solution.If you’ve chosen what you want to be known for well, you’ll be able to provide them with a laser-focused solution that speaks right to them.It’s this same clarity of niche that generates more energy and enthusiasm around your brand.When you get super focused in your message, without the noise of all the other things you can offer, people respond. They recognize themselves in your message.If you can then deliver and solve their problem, they’ll be strongly connected to you. They’ll talk about you. They’ll help spread the word.Think of your marketing message as a signal you’re sending out from your business, like a radio broadcast.

At the receiving end, your prospect is going to be biased towards solutions to their problem. They are hearing all kinds of messages and filtering most of them out.The one that cuts through the noise, the one they’ll tune into, is yours, the answer to what is keeping them up at night.Your top priority as a marketer (and all small business owners are marketers!) is to free up the message-carrying signal from noise or interference. Everything you do in your marketing either enhances the signal or creates noise that causes the audience to tune out.Communication is a complex process. There are many points where the signal can become distorted. Reduce or eliminate the noise as much as possible to speak to your audience clearly and effectively.Is your marketing message clear?Find your narrow niche by choosing what you want to be known for. Then start broadcasting with that singular clarity.Your audience will get the message.

Niche Are Blogs Better Than Books?

Do you read blogs in the niche that interests you? Have you ever wondered whether blogs are better than books? Read on for insights.Blogs can be precise along with images and links. But they really miss out on something great or the other. On the other hand, books are there to provide all the information including advanced topics.There is no better feeling than reading a book and flipping through its solid pages. You get the real touch feeling which blogs cannot provide. Looking at the computer screen can be bad for your eyes because of the UV rays it radiates. Above all, there is nothing better than a good book to have in hand with all the information, pictures and references.

Blog sites can change over time and you may lose track of them. While this is the case, books are always handy on your book shelf.It is good to make available the first four or five chapters of the book you are authoring in the form of a blog. Then after that give a link to your book whether you have made the choice to include it on a free site or sell the book on Amazon. A blog will rather help to attract more readers to your book, be it a digital one or a hard copy. So blogs help to promote your books, not replace them.Blogs are great in that they help provide you information daily or weekly in chunks and you can absorb them quickly and tirelessly. But seeing the volume of content inside a book may overwhelm you. But it is books that you have read ever since grade 1 until possibly, your higher education. Blogs are a new technology but gathering information from books and making notes will always work.Why is a library full of books so enriching? Can blogs replace all these books? As I have mentioned earlier, blogs are a new technology while books have been there from time immemorial. Other than books, you will find other information in the form of newspapers, magazines, tabloids and journals at a library. Can blogs replace all these? Therefore, I go with my preceding statement that yes, a library full of books and information is powerful, insightful and knowledgeable.

Summing up, the above reasons justify why books will always be better than blogs. Have you ever thought otherwise? I hope this article has been able to highlight my point of view regarding books and blogs.